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  • Ambassador Care Package

    $69.99 $19.99
    Everything you need to start your Ambassador journey. Included in your care package is 3 Bracelets, Promotional Material, and more.
  • Athens Driftwood

    Pair this beaded piece with any Leather Strapped Watch, and skyrocket your status. Athens Driftwood represents the continuous tides of the ocean; Everything comes and goes.
  • Dark Argos

    Subtle, but bold, the Dark Argos has always been a fan favorite. Featuring lava beads and a single marble stone, this beaded bracelet pairs very well with one of our Leather Bracelets or a Leather Timepiece.
  • Dion Shard

    A simple piece that tops off any subtle outfit. The Dion Shard calls back to the Spartans who proudly wore their finest jewelry into battle; showing no fear or remorse as they crushed their competitors.
  • Ephyra Autumn

    As the Greeks knew; The More The Better. Ephyra Autumn is a combination piece of our most popular pieces, featuring leather and beaded accents to complement your next night out.
  • Kynos Eclipse

    The truly successful people know; You must block out everything to succeed, similar to an eclipse. The Kynos Eclipse features a single marble bead, representing the singular focus on accomplishing ones goals.
  • Last Remnant

    Ancient Greece may be gone, but it's remnants can still be found today; In our society, the way we talk, and how we function together. Remember where you came from and why you started with Last Remnant, one of our most popular pieces.
  • Midnight Corinth

    Midnight; the time where Winners work and The Average sleep. Midnight Corinth salutes the world changers, those who continue to work well into the night. Just as the Greek pushed the boundaries of the world, wearers of this bracelet seek to push farther.
  • Myos Turquoise

    A necessary complement to any navy outfit, the Myos Turquoise represents the calmness and peace one finds in themselves during their most trying hour. No matter what you face, you can always find calm in the storm.