Ambassador FAQ

Ambassadors FAQ

As an Ambassador, we want to be partners, instead of employer and employee. Apollo Ambassadors help us promote our brand and sell our products, and in return, we compensate our ambassadors with paid commissions, social exposure, and other incentives not available to our customers. You can do your part by posting and tagging us on Instagram, TikTok, and other channels, as well as telling your friends and family about us.

Congratulations! Once we approve your application, the final step is purchasing an Ambassador Care Package ($19.99). This package includes 3 Bracelets, as well as all the promotional material you will need to start earning commissions. Once you receive your Care Package, start promoting!

Once you’re approved and purchase your Ambassador Care Package, you will receive a unique coupon code for you to promote (ex. ALEX20). Every time someone uses your code at checkout, 30% of the profit of that sale goes towards your commission. 

Example: Someone purchases a Tyche Leather bracelet for $23.92 ($29.99 – 20%) After we take out shipping costs (roughly $4), you’re left with a $6 commission.

As much as you want! There is no limit on how much commission an Ambassador can earn. The more you promote your discount code, the more sales you will make, and the more commission you will earn.

We have two payment plans: Monthly or Bi-weekly. We send commissions via PayPal, so be sure to include that in your application. If you don’t have a PayPal, or would like to be paid another way, please contact us.

Social media is the perfect platform to promote your discount code. We’ve found that Instagram and TikTok are the best platforms to earn sales.

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