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How To Style Your Accessories


Let’s set the stage here. You have a big “Event” coming up. A gala celebrating someone’s accomplishment, a meeting with your next big client, or just another Friday night on the town. Whatever it is, you need to step above your normal T-shirts and Jeans.

Now, anyone can throw on a $20 button up shirt from TJ-Maxx and instantly improve their look. Sure, it’s going to take you from Casual to Business Casual, but for this event you REALLY want to make a ripple. Turn heads, have the ladies doing a double take, that sort of thing.

Funny thing is, it’s the smallest details that make the loudest noise. Namely, your wristwear.

Many men are quick to look over wristwear, or outright refuse to wear it. “It’s not me”, “It’s annoying to wear”, are common excuses. But gentlemen, your accessories are the key to taking your social presence from Average-Joe to “Oh, who’s that?”

First things first, Don’t overdo it on the accessories. Most men think wearing 10 or more bracelets is the key to topping off an outfit. We’re here to put an end to this trend. The more, is not the merrier.

Accessories are supposed to be a subtle complement to your outfit, not distracting enough to where that’s all that people notice about you. After all, you don’t want to distract from the real prize: You.

Our advice is simple enough to follow, and elevates your outfit just the right amount. If you’re wearing a watch: Two bracelets on the opposite wrist. If you’re not wearing a watch, Two bracelets on one wrist, and one on the other.

Now that we know the quality and placement, what accessory do we actually wear?

There are two main types of bracelets that are in style, Beaded Bracelets and Leather Bracelets. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses, so let’s dive more into each and find out which will work best for your unique style.

Firstly, the Beaded Bracelet. These pieces have been in style for the past few years, but the catch is this: Most men don’t wear them correctly at all. As stated above, they wear 10 or more on each wrist, to the point their wrist looks like something out of a horror movie. It’s not a good look at all.

Beaded Bracelets are perfect for complementing a watch, or matching the colors of your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a black button up with a white shirt that’s visible underneath, the Last Remnant bracelet would complement this outfit perfectly.

These bracelets are also great for making noise. Yes, noise is actually a plus here. If you’re a big talker, and make huge gestures while telling stories, these bracelets will “jingle” enough to catch the attention of anyone within earshot. Just a subtle noise will turn heads towards you, and then the attention onto you.

On the other side, we have Leather Bracelets. Leather Bracelets have been worn as an accessory since the beginning of time. Back when leather was a uber-luxury resource, Leather Bracelets were seen as symbols of extreme wealth. Today, that statement still stands, especially if you wear them right. 

A great introduction to Leather Bracelets is the Myra Lead. A simple looped bracelet, this subtle piece adds a lot to even the most basic outfit.

So, rest assured that for your upcoming event, you now know how to properly style your accessories, and not over or under-do it. Subtle Complements go a long way.

Now go out and make waves.